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Recipes for the Nutribullet - A Juicy Blend

Recipes for the Nutribullet

Here at A Juicy Blend we are constantly experimenting with new recipes for the Nutribullet. So whether you have a Magic Bullet, a 600 series, a Nutribullet Pro or even a Nutribullet RX, there will be inspiration for you here.

We’ve got recipes for soups, dips, smoothies, nut milks and more. We’ve even got ideas for healthy breakfasts, and recipes of under 100 calories if you’re interested in weight loss.

Every recipe includes the ingredients and the method of how to make the Nutribullet recipe, and all can be achieved in a matter of minutes or even seconds, as this gadget is so easy to use.

Of course if you have a different type of bullet blender, such as a Nutri Ninja, then you’ll also be able to make these recipes.

So without further ado, let’s get blending!


Avocado Nutribullet recipes

Avocado is a fabulous ingredient to use in Nutribullet recipes (also called Nutriblasts) as it provides the same creamy texture as a banana, and is also backed full of healthy fats. Avocado can be used to make dips such as guacamole in the Nutribullet, as well as...

20 unusual things to make with a Nutribullet

We’re often asked about the different recipes that you can make in a high speed blender or extractor like a Nutribullet, and understandably most people focus on smoothies and drinks as this is the most obvious thing to make in  these machines. However, there is also a...

Nutribullet cucumber recipes

Nutribullet cucumber recipes Cucumber is a fanastic ingredient to add to a smoothie because it has a delicate, refreshing flavour that adds finesse to your drink. At the same time it is extremely low in calories so you can use it liberally without any worries. This is...

Nutribullet pomegranate recipe

How to make a delicious and fresh nutribullet pomegranate smoothie This refreshing nutribullet pomegranate smoothie makes the perfect breakfast option for anyone looking for a light and different start to the day. The frozen raspberries and blueberries can be...

Spinach Nutribullet recipes

Some of the very best spinach nutriblast recipes to make in the NutriBullet Spinach is a great base to use in your Nutribullet recipes or nutriblasts. This is because it has a mild taste that is easily disguised by other fruit and vegetables. It's also handy to use...

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