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It’s Black Friday time again! And this year Amazon.co.uk is extending its sale for even longer, meaning that you have a couple of weeks to nab a bargain just in time for Christmas. Other merchants including Currys are also offering great prices ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so keep checking back on this page for the best deals.

Here at A Juicy Blend, we are listing all the best Nutribullet Black Friday deals from Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, Argos, Very and others, as well as other blenders and juicers so that you can be sure to get a great price if you are thinking of splashing out.

When is Black Friday?

The actual shopping extravaganza of Black Friday falls on November 25 this year and looks set to offer even better deals than Boxing Day – but as we’ve said already, this year the sales are taking place over a much longer period.

But isn’t it an American tradition?

It used to be, but over the past few years we have started to adopt Black Friday and its cousin Cyber Monday, here in the UK.

The date in the US is scheduled to be the day after Thanksgiving, but for us it’s a great opportunity to get ahead with Christmas shopping or treat ourselves to a much-wanted gadget or item.

Currys: Magic Bullet deal £29.99

Currys are offering a fantastic price on the Magic Bullet – you can get a saving of 40% or £20 with this purchase. Now only £29.99 for this powerful little machine. You can check our our review, or BUY NOW FROM CURRYS

Currys Nutribullet 600 series £57.99

Curry’s is also running a great deal on the graphite version of the Nutribullet 600 series, offering this portable blender for just £57.99, which is a 14% discount. BUY NOW FROM CURRYS

Currys: Nutribullet 900 series £74.99

Currys are offering great savings on the powerful Nutribullet 900 series – you can get a saving of 25% or £25 with this purchase. Now only £74.99 for this fantastic machine. You can check our our review, or BUY NOW FROM CURRYS

Currys Nutribullet RX £169.99

Curry’s is also offering a great deal on the black Nutribullet RX, offering this portable blender and soup maker for just £169.99, which is a 15% discount. BUY NOW FROM CURRYS or check out our review.

John Lewis: Nutribullet 1000 Series £129.95

John Lewis are one of the few merchants to be selling the brand new Nutribullet 1000 series. There are no big savings yet, but you  can get this fantastic machine for £129.99. You can check our our review, or BUY NOW FROM JOHN LEWIS

John Lewis Nutribullet Baby Food Processor £56.19

John Lewis is also offering a great deal on the Nutribullet Baby Food Processor. This cute device, ideal of creating purees and other baby weaning delicacies is on sale for just £56.19.

Nutribullet 600 Series

The Nutribullet 600 series is the standard entry-level Nutribullet. Although it only has a 600watt motor, it still packs plenty of punch and fulfils most needs. Why not check out our review or comparison with the 900 series if you are struggling to make up your mind which one to go for? BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Nutribullet Pro 900

The Nutribullet Pro 900 series is a powerful blender that is perfect for smoothie lovers. Read our review of the 900 if you would like further info before making up your mind to buy. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Nutribullet RX 1700

The Nutribullet RX is an amazing blender that works for both cold smoothies and hot soups. We’ve got a really comprehensive review to help you find out all the pros and cons of this unique gadget. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Nutribullet Magic Bullet

The original Nutribullet and bottom of the range in terms of both cost and power is the Magic Bullet. As our review says, there is still plenty of oomph in this little machine, and there are great deals to be had at the moment meaning that you only need to spend a fraction of the cost on a blender if you don’t need a really smooth finish. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Nutribullet accessory kit

If you want to add extra cups to your collection, then never fear – it’s possible to buy a Nutribullet accessory kit which gives you additional cups, flip-top lids and a spare extractor blade for use in an emergency. Never go without again! BUY NOW FROM AMAZON

Set of 2 Colossus cups

This set of 2 Colossus cups is a great addition for all Nutribullet lovers. Each cup holds a generous 32 oz and is plenty for a double-portion if you want to make a batch of smoothie. They are BPA free and are also compatible with both the Nutribullet 600 and 900. BUY NOW FROM AMAZON