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Can you put your Nutribullet in the dishwasher?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at A Juicy Blend is whether or not it is safe to put a Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja in the dishwasher.

Obviously part of the attractiveness  of the machines is that they don’t require a lot of washing up and that you can drink out of the same container that’s used for blending. It would be perfect if you could just chuck the whole thing in the dishwasher as well wouldn’t it!

Well the good news is that parts of both the Nutribullet and the Nutri Ninja are dishwasher safe. You can place the following items on the top rack of your dishwasher without any fear that they will come to any harm:

  • Cups
  • Lids
  • Lip rings

These items are made of BPA (Bisphenol A) free plastic and will wash with no problem.

Nutribullet extractor blade
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Washing the Nutribullet or Nutri Ninja blade

It’s very important to note that unlike the cups etc mentioned above, the Nutribullet blades are NOT dishwasher safe. We once accidentally washed a Nutribullet 600 series blade and the gasket came off in the process –  not ideal!

If you follow the instructions in the Nutribullet manual, it says to simply wash the blade in soapy warm water and then rinse off. If you do it straight away then it generally doesn’t take too much to get the blade clean.

However, according to QVC, the Nutri Ninja blades are dishwasher safe. We were unable to confirm this via the official Nutri Ninja site as the relevant page is broken. Our advice would be not to take the risk for the sake of a quick rinse-off, it really doesn’t take long to wash them down by hand.

Cleaning the power base

In the usual course of events the power base for both machines shouldn’t get dirty, however given that the design requires the blender cup to be turned upside-down, there are inevitably occasions where gravity will have its way and a disaster can happen.

We have often over-filled our Nutribullet, with the result that the blade has become unscrewed and the contents has leaked all over the power base container.

Under these circumstances, we clean the power base as follows:

  • Mop up the worst of the mess with a dry paper towel
  • Remove the small white plastic washers that sit on the top of the base and give them a rinse. Dry them with a paper or cloth towel.
  • Once the worst is taken care of, take a damp (not dripping) paper towel or jay cloth and wipe the inside of the power base.
  • Pat dry and then replace the white washers.

Under NO circumstances should you ever submerge the power base in water, and of course it goes without saying that it’s not dishwasher safe!


Are Nutribullets and Nutri Ninjas microwave safe?

Are Nutribullet cups microwave safe?
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Unfortunately Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja cups are not microwave safe, so if you make something like a soup that you want to heat up you will need to transfer it to another container in order to heat it through.

If you have a Nutribullet RX then this won’t be so much of an issue for you as the machine has its own heating element.

So that’s our quick round-up of information about one of the most common questions about the Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja – namely is the Nutri Ninja or Nutribullet dishwasher safe. Why not check out our top questions and answers about the Nutribullet article if you want to find out more about these appealing kitchen gadgets. You might also find our Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja comparison an eye-opener!

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