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If you’re thinking about starting to introduce more fruit and veggies into your diet but are struggling to get through your five-a-day then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to help you start to navigate through the complex (but very enjoyable!)  world of blending, juicing, souping and smoothie-making, as well as exploring some of the associated health benefits such as weight-loss.

We review a wide range of the popular kitchen gadgets like the NutriBullet, as well as providing you with hundreds of recipes ranging from ‘beginner’ through to ‘advanced’. We’ll also be keeping a detailed weight-loss blog to see if smoothie-making and juicing can make a difference to our overall well-being.

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Gadget reviews

We review some of the most popular blenders, juicers, and soup-makers by putting them through their paces in the kitchen. Comparing not just the manufacturer’s specifications, but what it’s REALLY like to use these gizmos. We mention every dodgy burning smell and unintended explosion along the way so that if you’re thinking about making a purchase you’ll have a real person’s view of what each machine is like before you take the plunge.

Weight loss blog

One of the longer-term projects that we’re embarking on is our attempt to lose weight by using juices and smoothies and incorporating them into a healthy diet. We’re not interested in quick-wins where the pounds tumble off quickly and come back even quicker (although we’ll talk about that too!). Instead we’re after the holy grail of weight-loss – where it comes off regularly and naturally without us feeling deprived. Our weight-loss blog will take you through every twist and turn of our attempt to lose 24lbs over the course of a year.

Recipes for beginners

If you’re new to juicing and blending and aren’t sure where to start, then check out our beginners’ recipes. These will introduce you to the most invigorating tastes and all have simple instructions for preparation.

Intermediate recipes

Once you’ve spent a week or so trying out the beginner recipes and feel like branching out a bit, then try our Intermediate recipes. These will start to introduce more complicated tastes and ingredients, but will still only take a very short amount of preparation.

‘Pro’ recipes

Feeling really brave? Once you’ve dabbled for a few weeks you may well be ready to try some of the more ‘acquired’ tastes that you can create with your juicy or smoothie maker. These will probably include a higher proportion of ‘greens’ than you’re used to and can taste quite bitter. But the health benefits are well-worth it, and with fast preparation time and the rich cocktail of vitamins and nutrients they contain, what’s not to like?


Disclaimer: This site is intended to be helpful to people who are interested in taking the first steps towards increasing their daily intake of fruit and vegetables. You should always consult your doctor before embarking on any kind of weight-loss programme or changing your diet in anyway. Please always read the instructions that accompany any of the equipment we review.

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