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Here at a Juicy Blend we have collected some of the top Nutribullet questions and answers for the Nutribullet 600 series and the Nutribullet pro 900 to help you whether you’re considering a purchase, or if you already have one and want some more information about how to use it. We also reference the Nutribullet RX and Magic Bullet in passing. We hope you find this information helpful for finding out more about this ingenious gadget. Feel free to contact us if there is a question that you want to see answered that doesn’t appear here.

1. Is the Nutribullet dishwasher safe?

The cups and lids are top-rack dishwasher safe, but the blades and the power based should never be put in the dishwasher. Simply rinse the blades with hot soapy water, and if the power base gets dirty, then wipe it out with a damp cloth.

2. Are the cups BPA free?

Yes the Nutribullet cups are all made of BPA free plastic.

3. Why does the Nutribullet sometimes stick?

The Nutribullet can sometimes stick if you don’t put in enough liquid. Try adding some more, but remember don’t exceed the max line.

4. Why does the Nutribullet sometimes leak?

The Nutribullet can leak if the blade is not screwed on properly, for example if it is wet, or hasn’t been turned tightly enough. Always make sure that you are using a clean, dry blade and that the top of the cup is also dry.

5. What is the difference between the 600 series and the 900 Pro version?

The main difference comes in the power (6oow vs 900w) and the accessories that come with each machine. Read our review of the Nutribullet 600 series vs the Nutribullet 900 Pro for a proper run-through of the differences.

6. What is the difference between the Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet

As with the 600 vs 900 series, the main difference between the Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet is power and accessories. We’ve done an in-depth exploration of the key differences which you can read in our Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet review.

7. Can you make juices in the Nutribullet?

Yes, but it’s usually necessary to run the blended mixture through a sieve to get a fine quality juice as one of the main advantages of the Nutribullet is that it retains the pulp and fibre that is removed in the juicing process. See our carrot recipes article for how to make carrot juice in the Nutribullet.

8. How do you turn on the Nutribullet?

Just hook the blade into the little niches and slide into place. Turn the power on and the Nutribullet will start. There isn’t an on-off button. Remember to switch the power on at the mains!

9. Can you crush ice in the Nutribullet?

Ice can be used as part of a Nutriblast (the name the Nutribullet gives to its recipes) – but should not be more than 25% of the total mixture. You shouldn’t try to crush ice on its own in the Nutribullet, as it doesn’t have an ice-crushing blade.

10. Can you put frozen fruit and vegetables straight into the Nutribullet?

Yes you can! In fact this is a great way to get a chilled and creamy smoothie. There are a great range of frozen fruits and vegetables that you can experiment with, such as berries, mango, banana and spinach.

11. Can hot liquids be used in the Nutribullet?

No, you should always let liquids cool before putting them into the Nutribullet if you are using the 600 or 900 series. The Nutribullet RX has its own heating element so you heat the liquid up as you blend.

12. Can you make soup in the Nutribullet?

Yes, but as per the question above, you need to cool the ingredients down before blending them if you’re using the 600 or 900 series. You can make soup in the Nutribullet RX. Have a read of our soup recipes for more ideas, or read our review of the Nutribullet RX for more information about making soup.

13. Where is my Nutribullet serial number located?

You Nutribullet serial number is located on a sticker on the bottom of the power unit.

14. Does it blend hard uncooked veg, such as beetroot or carrots?

Yes it does, although as there is a lot of fibre in this type of vegetable, it can come out quick thick. See our post on carrot recipes for the Nutribullet for more information.

15. Can you make almond milk in the Nutribullet?

Absolutely! Check out our post on making almond milk in the Nutribullet for more information. It’s a very simple process that involves soaked almonds, water and a nut milk net.

16. Can the milling blade grind dry spices?

Yes, see the user manual for details but you can use the milling blade to create for example gluten free flours and other fine powders from nuts and seeds.

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Read on for more Nutribullet questions and answers…

17. What are the sizes of the short and tall cups?

The short cups hold 380ml and the tall cups hold 680ml. If you have a Nutribullet 900 Pro you will also have a Colossus cup which holds 946ml. The Nutribullet RX cups are bigger but you can’t use them in the 900 or the 600 series. Similarly, you can’t swap Magic Bullet cups into the two middle-level models.

18. Can you make peanut butter in the Nutribullet?

Yes you can make nut butters such as cashew or peanut butter in the Nutribullet. Simply blend the nuts with a sweetener such as honey using the milling blade.

19. Everyone in my house uses our old Magic bullet. Will the Nutribullet take Magic bullet cups?

No the cups can’t be swapped between the Magic bullet and the Nutribullets, but the cups from the Nutribullet 600 can be used on the 900 and vice versa.

20. I’ve had an issue with the rubber gasket (rubber ring around the blade) coming loose – what should I do?

We found that the rubber ring or gasket came off when we accidentally put the blade in the dishwasher, which should never be done. Simply make sure that it is securely held in by its keepers. If you continue to have problems then contact Nutribullet for further assistance.

21. Can you leave the rind on citrus fruits?

Yes you can leave the rind on citrus fruits before blending,  the Nutribullet will handle it, but it will have a strong taste that might not be the nicest!

22. Can you make hummus in the Nutribullet?

Yes you can – check out our hummus recipes for some ideas of how to make this delicious dip. Why not try adding lime and coriander or red pepper for some variety.

23. Can I order replacement parts like a new blade unit?

Yes a variety of spare parts and accessories can be bought, including new extractor and milling blade units. You can even purchase a bag to take your Nutriblasts away with you as you go about your day!

24. I need an operation manual for the Nutribullet- how do I get it?

You can view the Nutribullet user manual on slideshare here, otherwise try contacting customer services to see if they will post you out a copy.

25. Is the Nutribullet motor very noisy?

Yes the motor is pretty noisy, it’s not really possible to have a conversation whilst you’re blending. However the blending process only lasts for a matter of a minute or so max, so it’s not really a problem.

26. Does the Nutribullet have multiple speed options?

No there is just one speed for the Nutribullet – on or off!

27. Is the Nutribullet small enough to travel with?

It all depends on your luggage priorities – the Nutribullet 600 series weights 2.84kg and the Nutribullet 900 Pro weighs 3.75kg. Remember if you’re going abroad that voltage might vary and so might not be suitable for running the blender. You’ll also need a travel adaptor for the plug.

28. Can you grind coffee in the Nutribullet?

Yes you can grind coffee with the milling blade

29. Can I make the drink the night before?

You can make your nutriblast the night before, and if you’re going to do this then keep it in the fridge. In fact we regularly do this because of leaving early the next morning. However the recommendation is that you drink your nutriblast as soon as possible after making it in order to keep the maximum amount of nutrients in it.

30. Instead of water can non-fat or fat free milk be used?

Yes regular skimmed milk can be used, as well as dairy-free milks such as almond milk or coconut milk. Coconut water is also a good option. Any cool or room-temperature liquid should be fine. Always remember to fill your nutribullet cup to around the max line for an optimum blend.

31. Are the Nutribullet cups plastic or glass?

The cups are made of BPA free plastic and are top-rack dishwasher proof

32. Where is the Nutribullet made?

The Nutribullet is made in China

33. Will it make bread crumbs?

Yes your Nutribullet will make breadcrumbs. Simply toast your bread and use the milling blender to make great breadcrumbs

34. Can I use the Nutribullet to make baby food?

Absolutely! The Nutribullet makes delicious purées from fruit and vegetables that are very suitable for babies. Just make sure that you use cool mixtures before you blend.

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35. Will the Nutribullet work in the UK

Yes you can buy a Nutribullet that works in the UK and that comes with the appropriate plug, just make sure you pick a trustworthy UK dealer.

36. Does the Nutribullet come with a spare blade?

The Nutribullet 600 series comes with two blades – an extractor blade and a milling blade. The Nutribullet Pro 900 only comes with an extractor blade, but it is possible to buy spare ones of both types if you need them.

37. Is the Nutribullet a juicer or a blender?

The Nutribullet is closest to being a blender, it’s certainly not a juicer because the pulp and fibre that are removed by a juicer are retained by the Nutribullet. The manufacturer actually calls it an extractor because it extracts nutrients from the fruit and veggies that you put in it, so that you consume the maximum amount of goodness – or so the claim goes.

38. Does the Nutribullet whip cream?

No it doesn’t – that’s not a purpose that this device will work for as it’s a blender rather than a whisk.

39. Can the Nutribullet be used with dehydrated fruits and vegetables?

Yes it can be used with dehydrated fruits and vegetables without any concerns, remember to add a liquid when blending though.

40. Can I freeze soup made in the Nutribullet RX?

Yes freezing both soups and smoothies should be fine, but use a suitable freezer-proof container rather than the Nutribullet cups. Make sure that you defrost your soup or smoothie properly before consuming it.

41. Will the travel lid for the 600 series be used on the cups for the 900 Pro and vice versa?

Yes that’s absolutely fine – the lids are interchangeable on these two models of Nutribullet.

42. Does the Nutribullet stop by itself or do you have to stop it?

You need to stop the Nutribullet 600 series and 900 Pro by unhooking it from the little grooves. The Nutribullet RX stops itself after a set amount of time.

43. Can I use the Nutribullet to grind lentils and rice?

Yes the Nutribullet can easily handle lentils and rice, and is very handy for making baby-food which often uses these ingredients.

We hope that you’ve found this epic run-through of Nutribullet questions and answers helpful. Do contact us if you have any further questions, or have a read through some of our Nutribullet reviews for further information if you’re thinking about buying a Nutribullet blender.