blueberry pancakes
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We’re often asked about the different recipes that you can make in a high speed blender or extractor like a Nutribullet, and understandably most people focus on smoothies and drinks as this is the most obvious thing to make in  these machines.

However, there is also a host of unusual uses for the Nutribullet that show the versatility of this nifty kitchen gadget, and if you explore some of these you can see that there’s so much more that you can create with a bit of imagination.

If you haven’t yet splashed out on a Nutribullet then  you can pick one up from with speedy delivery.

Here’s our pick of the most delicious and ingenious ideas, and if you have tried some we’d love to hear from you, just let us know in the comments below.


1.Pancake batter

Fancy some scrummy blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes? Or why not try experimenting with some banana in the batter? This recipe gives you the low-down on how to achieve the perfect pancake using your Magic Bullet or Nutribullet to process the batter. It couldn’t be easier!


2. Body and hair butter

In at number two we have this highly imaginative use for the Nutribullet – a step-by-step method of creating hair and skin cream. Using shea butter as a base and adding amongst other things essential oils, the ladies from The Neon Leopard have created DIY beauty products that are a great idea for a gift or to keep for yourself!


3. Spinach pesto

Everybody loves pesto, whether it’s a topping for pasta, meat or fish. This twist on the traditional recipe sees spinach being added for an extra healthy kick.


4. Frappuccino

OK so the we all know that the Nutribullet is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, but we love the idea of being a little naughty from time to time. After all life’s too short not to have a decent frappuccino every now and then, and if you know what’s going into it then so much the better. This is a lovely idea for a hot summer’s day!


5. Home-made granola bars

Who doesn’t love a granola bar? And it’s even more satisfying if you’ve made them yourself. Mix up nuts, seeds, dried fruit and nut butter with a quick blitz in the Nutribullet and you’re ready to go with shaping and baking into bars!

ice cream nutribullet recipe
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6. Ice-cream

A massive advantage of making ‘ice-cream’ (OK so we’re using quotes because we can’t claim it’s exactly the same as the real thing’) in the Nutribullet is that you can control the amount of sugar that goes into it. You can create something far healthier and just as tasty as any shop-bought ice-cream, with fresh ingredients and a little know-how. Frozen bananas are a great ingredient to add sweetness and consistency to your ice-cream. Blend with a little almond butter, add some cocoa powder – and hey presto!


7. Ice lollies


Nothing could be easier than creating a mixture for ice-lollies in the Nutribullet. Just pick the fruit you want, add water and blitz. Then take the mixture and pour into lolly moulds. Stick them in the freezer and in a couple of hours you’ll have fresh, sugar-controlled lollies that your kids will love!

 8. Salad dressing

Salad dressings are another type of quick-and-easy blitz that knock shop-bought equivalents into the shade. There are literally hundreds of options to try, but to get you started here are three different and delicious dressings that you can easily whip up in your Nutribullet.

9. Pasta sauce

As with so many of these ideas, there are lots of pasta sauces to try making in the Nutribullet. One of our favourites is created by blitzing up tomatoes, olive oil, red pepper, onion, garlic and a hint of chilli – the perfect arrabbiata pasta sauce!


10. Muffins

Nothing starts the morning as satisfactorily as a tasty muffin – from blueberry to lemon and poppy-seed, there’s nothing quite like them. Your Nutribullet can help you to create a mouth-watering selection of tasty bakes – just pop all your ingredients into the tall cup, blitz and bung them in the oven! What’s not to like?

11. Soup

If you have a regular Nutribullet then you’ll need to create your soup first and then heat through afterwards as you can’t put hot ingredients into the machine. If you have a Nutribullet RX then you can use the heating facility to make your soup in the blender itself. Check out our recipes for tomato soup or carrot and coriander soup for starters.

almond milk nutribullet recipe
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12. Almond milk

Many smoothie recipes can be made with almond milk, and what better way to create a healthy concoction than to use your very own home-made offering. Check out our recipe which really couldn’t be simpler. Don’t forget that you will also need a nut milk bag for your creation.


13. Decadent vegan fudge

This delicious vegan fudge uses coconut oil and coconut butter instead of regular fat, which mixed with nuts and cacao powder makes a vegan fudge that can be enjoyed by everyone.

 14. Healthy baby food

When you first start to wean your baby then you want to be sure that you’re giving them the very best of ingredients and flavours. The Nutribullet is the perfect tool to create any number of vegetable purees and mixtures. Just vary the time that you blitz for in order to create different consistencies for your baby to try out.

15. Hummus

This well-loved middle eastern dish can be created in seconds with a tin of chick-peas and some tahini. For step-by-step instructions check out our Nutribullet hummus recipe.

16. Ground coffee

This is where the milling blade comes in very handy. In the UK they only come with the Nutribullet 600 series, but if you don’t have one then you can easily order them online.

If you’re looking for freshly ground coffee then just pop the beans into a cup, and blitz with the milling blade. In a few short seconds you have fabulous ground coffee ready and waiting to be brewed.

17. Breadcrumbs

Making breadcrumbs in the Nutribullet really couldn’t be easier. Just lightly toast your bread until golden brown, roughly chop up and blitz away. And there you have it, a cup full of breadcrumbs that you can use for home-made burgers, bread-crumb coatings and much more.


18. Vegetable burger patties

Vegetarian burgers are easy to whip up in the Nutribullet – just add the ingredients, blitz and shape into patties. This recipe includes turnip, garlic and mixed seeds for an unusual twist on an everyday meal.


19. Rubs and marinades

Another use for the milling blade that comes with the Nutribullet 600 series is to create rubs and marinades for fish and meat. Examples include dehydrated garlic, coriander seeds and dried onion. The opportunities are endless, just experiment with different flavours, and store in an air-tight container.


20. Almond flour

If you’re looking for a gluten free alternative to regular flour, then why not create your own almond flour in the Nutribullet. It can be made as a by-product of almond milk, and takes very little effort. Just reserve the pulp that is strained out of the almond milk, dry it out in the oven and then blitz it in the blender to create a fine flour that can be used in all sorts of baking.

So there we have it – if you thought that the Nutribullet could only be used for creating smoothies, then we hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get creative – these 20 suggestions provide plenty of food for thought! What other ideas do you have to try in  your Nutribullet or blender? Do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.